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Life Chemicals offers a collection of advanced Building Blocks and fine reagents designed and synthesized by our special Building Block synthesis team. The full database contains 91,800Building Blocks including 12,300 off-the-shelf items available in multigram quantities and 79,500 tangible compounds that can be synthesized upon request using in-house validated synthetic procedures.

The purity of supplied Building Blocks is at least 95%, backed with 400 MHz NMR and/or LCMS analyses. Analytical information can be provided upon request. All compounds can be express delivered to any part of the world in any format preferred by customer. Scale-up synthesis to weights up to 50 kg is possible.

The offered compounds are perfectly suitable for use in drug discovery, organic synthesis and other areas of life and material sciences.

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Life Chemicals presents its Collection of Small Molecules for High-throughput Screening comprising over 1,292,000 compounds with 442,000 stock available items and more than 850,000 tangible structures. Describing the Collection qualitatively, among other generally acknowledged and reliable standards the Lipinski's "Rule of five" as well as Veber criteria and dissimilarity evaluation have been applied.

The compounds in our HTS collection are original, carefully selected, diverse, well-characterised and pure, lead-like and drug-like new chemical entities. To best support our customers' on-going projects re-synthesis and 90% re-supply are guaranteed.

A number of properties of the HTS compounds are available for filtering in our webstore ( MW, HAC, clogP, H-bond acceptors, H-bond donors, RotBonds, TPSA, Fsp3, logS, logBB).

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